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This page introduces the museum and describes how the online tour works. There is a START TOUR: Introduction button at the bottom of this page. Tap that button to begin your tour.

Online Museum Overview

This museum presents the truth of Biblical creation. We take the observable facts and fossils, look at them without bias, and learn what they tell us.

The evaluation of fossils typically involves circular reasoning, with conclusions based on the assumption evolution happened. Here's a quote from a book called "Contested Bones." The subject is human evolution and fossils supposedly showing evolution:

"They will point to discoveries such as a partial skeleton that was found in Woranco-Mille in the Afar region of Ethiopia. This skeleton was much taller than Lucy, and was nicknamed 'Kadanuumuu' which means 'Big Man.' It was dated to 3.6 million years old and was included in the Afarensis hypodigm [a type of ape]. According to paleo-expert Haile Selassie, 'It had long legs and a torso and a pelvis more like a modern human than an African ape, showing that fully upright walking was in place at this early date.' The anatomy seen in the knee joint, pelvis, ribcage, shoulder blade, neck vertebra, and the overall body proportions neatly align with Homo sapiens/Homo erectus."

What Dr. Sanford is saying is that 100% human looking fossils are found mixed in with 100% ape looking fossils, all in the same location. The physical location is dated as 3 to 5 million years old. To those who assume evolution is true, an age of 3 to 5 million years means the human looking fossils cannot be human. Why? Because they assume humans had not evolved into existence that long ago. The only "logical" conclusion, based on the assumption evolution is real, is that the 100% human looking fossils cannot be accepted as human. They must be an ape. And viola! These human fossils become fossils of apes transitioning to humans. Proof humans evolved from apes!

Do you see what has happened? The conclusion is not based on what is observed. The facts are reinterpreted so as to get the desired conclusion. Here is how it works: The assumption is that, based on evolution being true, it is impossible for there to be three million year old human and ape fossils that are the same age. That means that was has been found cannot be what it plainly appears to be. The unbreakable rule is that what is physically observed is of no consequence, the conclusion MUST ALWAYS BE that evolution happened. That means that what appear to be fully human fossils must be re-interpreted as apes transitioning to human.

That's not science. That's meta-physics, a faith system (belief in evolution) requiring that the conclusion always be that evolution happened, without regard for the physical evidence.

Do you see what they are doing? The assumption evolution happened means fossils that are actually human must be re-interpreted to be those of an ape evolving to be human, and that supposedly proves evolution is true. Huh? It's circular.

The proper approach is to look at the fossils and accept them for what they are. In this case the are clearly human fossils. They have been found mixed with clearly ape fossils, as well as those of other animals. We need to take the evidence at face value. What the evidence plainly shows is that humans and apes lived together. Let's stick with the facts, and not get into circular reasoning. That's what our museum is about. The facts. The truth.

How This Museum Tour Works

How This Online Tour Works


Each web page discusses a specific topic. These are presented in the order you will see them in the physical museum. On the right side of each page you will see a tall rectangular image of the sign you will see in the museum. If you have limited time, this is the way to get a quick view of what we teach in the museum.

Unless otherwise noted, the photos in this tour show fossils, reproductions, and artifacts that are in the museum.

A "Next" button at the bottom of each page will take you to the next page in sequence.


Sometimes there will be a "GO DEEPER" button at the bottom of the page. This button will take you to a page that has more information. A button at the bottom of the GO DEEPER page will return you to the tour sequence at the proper location, so nothing is missed. Here is what a "Next" button with a "Go Deeper" button looks like.

museum tour buttons


We are in the process of adding "...In Our Museum" buttons at the bottom of the GO DEEPER pages. These take you to a page showing parts of the exhibits in more detail, as well as explaining what you are seeing and how it relates to Biblical truth. This is where you can learn more of the specifics of what we teach in the museum. Below is what the "...in the Museum" button looks like.

In the museum button

Navigation Menus

A "bread crumb" menu at the top of each page links to the most recent two previous pages, making it easy to go back and look at a recent, previous page. Below is an example of a breadcrumb menu.

bread crumb menu

Skip Ahead

There is a "SKIP AHEAD" menu on the right side of most pages in the tour. This menu has links you can use to go directly to five of the major topics on the tour.

Contacting Us

If you have a question or comment, please send it to us. Use the CONTACT option in the web site navigation menu. We have a very small staff, so we cannot promise to answer every email. But, we'll do our best. And we'll also try to incorporate your questions, and the answers, into this tour.

After visiting many museums, we have found the information content in a typical museum is very low. A museum is a great place to see what things actually look like, and that is VERY helpful and educational. But the signage in most museums would barely fill a small book. With an online museum, such as this one, we can provide more in-depth information, but there are still limits. People (including me) don't like reading long web pages, especially on a smartphone.

If you'd like explore a subject in-depth, we have a resource that will help you. Our SciencePastor.com web site. It is packed with links to excellent, Biblical web sites with top-notch videos, articles, and scientific papers. The links are organized by topic, including coverage of Genesis, evolution and creation. There's a HUGE amount of information.

If you like books, we have a short recommended reading list you can see by tapping here.

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